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Protect yourself from outdoor noise and cold. Sublimate the decoration of your home with our elegant RID'PHONIC SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN 15dB - RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA.

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Whether you live in a house or an apartment, our elegant RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN 15dB - RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA will be the barrier to noise pollution and the essential design piece that will bring calm and serenity in your home. Composed of 4 layers of insulation and made in a beautiful 100% polyester plain front fabric with a polyester and cotton lining, it is available in a wide variety of colors and will harmonize ideally with the style of your decoration. In addition to its soundproofing function, you will save energy thanks to its iso-thermal function that insulates from cold and heat. Our SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN 15dB - RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA are 100% blackout. It will screen or cut the light of your rooms as you wish while preserving your devices from reflections and sunlight. Two sizes are available: 135 x 215 cm - 135 x 245 cm - 135 x 260 cm. Sold by unit.

Nature of the insulated noises:
    • ✔ Outdoor noise and ambient street noise.

    • ✔ Traffic noise.

    • ✔ Noise between 2 living spaces.

Installation location: Windows, window doors (French windows), Front doors.

Composition: : 100% Polyester facing fabric, Cotton and Polyester lining fabric. 2 densified cotton insulations of 4mm each.

Noise Reduction: Attenuation up to 15dB thanks to the 4 layers of fabric including 2 insulating materials of 8mm thickness.

Installation: :Standard rod system. You can put 2 curtains on the same rod. Provide suitable dowels for your wall.


THE SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN 15dB - RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA are quality products made of resistant fabrics and insulating materials designed to last over time and in daily use. The design and conception of this product is regularly rethought and improved for the best satisfaction of our customers.

Created and patented in 2012, THE SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN 15dB - RID'PHONIC CONFORT ANDORA are very appreciated by our customers for the following reasons.

    • ✔ Elegant and chic design which adapts to any room and to the style of the house.

    • ✔ A wide variety of colors.

    • ✔ Optimum noise reduction.

    • ✔ Excellent value for money.


    • ✔ Attenuation up to 15dB - 4 insulating layers including 2 insulating materials of 8mm thickness.

    • ✔ Size: 135 cm (width) x 215 cm (height). 135 cm (width) x 245 cm (height).And 135 cm (width) x 260 cm (height). Thickness: 10mm. Warning, when the curtains are placed on the rod, the width varies between 100 and 125 cm depending on your folds.

    • ✔ Weight per curtain: 7.5 Kg

    • ✔ Care: Dry clean. Do not machine wash.

    • ✔ Colors and Prices: The white-colored lining is the side to be put against the window or door. Mentioned price is for 1 curtain.

Technical datasheet:

Function Sound, Thermal, 100% Occulting
Sound insulation value Up to 15 dB
Curtain thickness 10 mm
Colors Light gray, Charcoal gray, Turquoise blue, Creamy beige.
Curtain size 135x245 cm or 135x260 cm
Curtain weight 7 kg
Eyelet diameter 40 mm
Package dimensions 60 x 40 x 24 cm
Maintenance Dry cleaning, Do not machine wash
  • - Front Fabric: 100% POLYESTER
  • - Sound insulation: 2 Cotton insulators
  • - Back fabric: 60% Polyester 40% cotton

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