Why choose our brand of soundproof curtains?

Guaranteed Effectiveness

« To equip yourself with Rid'phonic is to take care of your ears and offer them a luxury treatment.».

The sound comfort provided by the Rid'phonic technology guarantees you proven efficiency and sound improvement results. In fact, it is a patented decorative item that has been tested and proven its effectiveness by a reduction in outdoor noise of up to 15 dB. With this improvement, outdoor noise will be reduced and will allow you to find a calm and serene environment in your home.

An economical solution if you suffer from outdoor noise pollution!

Rid'phonic is an elegant, efficient and economical solution when you are faced with outdoor noise problems that you need to solve quickly to preserve your comfort. Our curtains will be a barrier to outside noise for your home without you having to pay the price of replacing with adapted or reinforced windows.

Soundproof curtains that adapt to your tastes and your home interior.

A wide range of Rid'phonic soundproof curtains is offered to adapt to the style and decoration of your home. You can choose the color and pattern that best suits your tastes, while respecting your budget with our comfort, premium and deluxe ranges.

A quick, practical and easy to install soundproofing solution

Make your life look even more beautiful without exhausting yourself! Immediately said, immediately installed!
Our Rid'phonic soundproof curtains can be installed, in the room you wish to isolate, like simple curtains on a standard rod system.

Energy saving solution

Thanks to the iso-thermal function of our soundproofing curtains, you can insulate your house from cold or heat. Thus, you reduce your heating expenses in winter and air conditioning during summer.

A 100% blackout curtain for your greater convenience.

Thanks to the 100% black-out function, forget those difficult morning awakenings!
You will be able to dim or turn off the light in any room of the house at your convenience.

Buying it is adopting it!

Rid'phonic anti-noise is a decorative design item and an innovative technical product that has been bringing smiles back to our customers for many years...

Those who bought it adopted it! And they have considerably improved the sound comfort of their interior, to the point that they now order it for every room in their home...

So don't wait any longer and join the community of those who are smiling again thanks to Rid'phonic anti-noise.