Rid'phonic are soundproof curtains
that have been developed and designed the French Acoustic Engineer and Designer Mohamed Sylla

Mohamed Sylla

Mohamed Sylla, is the founder of Jade Tree Shop. He is also the creator of Rid'phonic soundproof curtains and products marketed by this interior design online boutique.

His childhood spent in several African countries, his arrival in France when he was still a teenager and his travels have greatly contributed to the enthusiasm, determination and creativity of this universal business leader.

As an engineer in psycho-acoustics, he began his career in the automotive and aviation industries before creating his first company, Audicare France, about ten years ago in the Tour Eiffel’s country.

Inspired by his passion for acoustics, music, fashion and his permanent desire to create products that can bring sound comfort to his fellow human beings, he has imagined collections of efficient, modern and trendy acoustic decoration items.

He developed, designed and conceived the first Rid'phonic in 2012 before then, he has continued to improve the style and efficiency of this product by offering it in different models, so that it becomes an essential piece of designer decoration that is accessible to the greatest number of people.

He continues to develop new acoustic and thermal design decoration products for the home interior to offer even more and better solutions to his customers.

In 2020, he created Rid'Night, 100% black-out and iso-thermal curtains and accessories to expand the range of products and definitively place his business on the market as a supplier of elegant and smart design interior decoration items.

Pursuing his dream of international development, he decided to expand into the United States in the same year to supply this market in high demand.

The story does not say where this entrepreneur, artist and visionary will stop. He only hopes to reach as many people as possible with the heart and joy he puts into his creations.

RID’PHONIC quality and efficiency


RidPhonic® is the noise reduction curtain capable of reducing noise up to 15 decibels.


We are specialized in the manufacture of high-performance acoustic solutions.


Collections renewed in line with trends and partnerships with major fashion houses.


The design of the RidPhonic® is French. Our RidPhonic® curtains are tested by our Audicare France design office.